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Your children are your first priority right? You do everything that takes to keep your kids happy and cheery. When that is the case, why do you lack behind when it comes to their growth? Of course, what do you do when you are out for an urgent meeting or office work? Do you leave your baby or toddlers alone at home? Of course not right? Then do you leave them in the care of a random neighbour or an already occupied relative or friend?

Well, wake up and smell the coffee! No matter how loving or caring your acquaintances are; they too have their routine and tasks to perform. They can’t give full attention to your little one. It is better to be sure than sorry. Firstly you are taking a favour of someone. Secondly, you can’t be sure how they are taking care of your beloved kids.

Don’t panic, there is an apt solution. Have you ever heard about professionals like Babysitting Services Dubai? Exactly, we do the same thing. We have an expert, dedicated, polite, experienced and qualified team of baby sitters. Everyone at Lavender is totally devoted to their tasks. There is no need to think about safety or care. We have the best facilities available for your child. Our nannies make sure that your kid stays happy, active, comfortable and most importantly growing.

Play Time

When you leave your child in the care of someone randomly, your child just sits and that person keeps an eye on him. But in the domain of Lavender, the things are extremely friendly and different. Our baby sitters involve in games and make sure that the play time of your child turns out to be exciting and happening. The toys being used are hygienic and properly tested. Special attention is given to the age of kids. There are different age groups having their different toys and games. This way, kids develop at a rate that is effective for their age.

Story Telling

It is not about play, it is about learning too. To amuse the kids, baby sitters read out exciting stories from the kid’s book. This way, kids learn new things, new expressions and of course about new areas. Just imagine your kid is listening to a story in your absence and learning some new things; isn’t it overwhelming for you?

Food and sleep

Playing, studying, music and dance; apart from all this; their food and sleep too get a great attention. Our nannies make sure that kids sleep for some time and take proper food in the absence of their parents. Utmost importance is given to their comfort and ease. After all, some of our nannies are mothers themselves and they know what exactly a kid needs and desires for!

So, if you have any type of doubts, you can any time visit our Dubai Babysitting services and explore the scenarios yourself. You won’t be disappointed with our facilities and working style. We respect the comfort, safety and ease of our beloved guests

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