There are always better ways to spend your quality time than getting into troubles or unnecessary petty issues. Don’t’ waste those precious weekends in cleaning up your house or carrying out different house chores when you can spend them with your family and friends.

What to Do?

In case your house is stinking and there is dust everywhere; don’t panic. Just grab our Home services. We at lavender ensure excellent, efficient and effective home cleaning tasks. All you have to do is:

Book Our Maid

We are there to help you out in your cleaning tasks. Just talk to us and we are going to send a professional maid for your cleaning tasks. Be it once a week, twice a week, thrice a week or every day; our maids wholeheartedly will visit you your house for a spotless ambience. After all, it is not just about getting the tasks performed; it is also about getting them performed in a brilliant manner and that too as per your convenience.
You can go for both fulltime and part time maids. Our maids will make sure that your house stays hygienic and clean. Similarly, if you are worrying about proficiency and politeness then too the maids won’t disappoint you. Our maids carry class, smartness, politeness and professionalism.

Safety and Privacy

Allowing someone inside your house demands courage! Don’t worry our maids won’t disturb your privacy. Talking about safety, we interview and scrutinize our maids before we appoint them. The point is our maids are thoroughly examined and proper documentation is done. So, just shed the tension on our shoulders and you relax. While you are out on shopping with your spouse, you can leave our maids at work that too without a single wrinkle on your forehead! Your house and all the belongings are going to be in safe hands as long as our maids are there.

Thinking about Your Office? Don’t Panic

Come on, there is no need to worry about your office cleanliness. Just talk to Dubai Office Cleaning professionals and it is going to be a cake walk for you! Our office cleaners have a good grasp at performing office cleanliness tasks. No matter how advanced machines you are having your office; the cleaners are not going to harm them. Cleaners at Lavender are professional, well-trained, well-equipped and experienced. We cater nothing but quality!

Hosting a Special Event?

Hang on; are you going to host an exciting event? That’s great! What have you decided about the cleaning? Of course, the presentations are ready, speakers are gearing catering arrangements have been made, decoration is also decided and even the guest list has been circulated; what about cleanliness?

How can you think that there won’t be any filth or dirt during your event? When there are guests and attendees; spilling of drinks and eatables is quite normal. Incidents take place every now and then and you cannot deny this fact! But what you can ensure is proper and spontaneous cleanliness. Talk to our event cleaning services Dubai and we are there to back you!

So, keep your chin up, head high and confidence intact when our professional cleaners are there to take care of all your cleanliness related areas

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