Maintenance Services

The way you go for diverse body treatments and massage or even the spa sessions to keep your mind and body in proper working, in the same way you must getyour machines and instruments checked and scrutinized. Otherwise, who knows you have an urgent deadline for a vital project the next day and your machine abruptly gives up! In such times, you might have to go through a lot of trauma and financial loss too. Even your professional reputation can go for a toss.

But hang on, take a sigh of relief. Just talk to Maintenance works Dubai for your machines. Once you have talked to us, our professional maintenance team is going to ensure that your machines are up and working throughout. We take great pride in catering a dependable, efficient and price effective service that brings great value for our clients.

Our maintenance services are focused on complete facilities management services including Electrical System Maintenance, Air Conditioning services, proper Plumbing System Maintenance, small Civil Repair and Works and so on. All in all, we cover everything for you. Your machines are not going to ditch you if they are in our supervision. After all, we have diverse maintenance models consisting Corrective Maintenance, planned preventive maintenance, Reactive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance and so on.

A complete Assistance

This is not all Lavender house care also ensures that you get excellent assistance in everything. Where we cater professional and efficient maintenance services, we also provide you with laundry, cleaning, ironing, baby sitting, handymen and similar services. This way, for all your tasks, you have Lavender standing right by your side.

Our professional team and expert maids take complete responsibility of everything they do for you. They provide you with utmost satisfaction and excellence. There is nothing that you would be regretting after we have done the tasks for you

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