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ife’s little details such as cooking, cleaning and laundry are not meant to make you feel stressed out. Rather, they keep you active. Still, if you are falling short of time, and want to put your feet up amid your hectic schedule, we are here with our efficient house care services such as Cleaning Services, Baby Sitting Services, Laundry Maids, Maintenance Services, Decoration Work and Fit out Services.

An excellent service does not only mean doing it in an excellent manner, but doing it your way. In order to ensure utmost satisfaction at your end, we always welcome your specific instructions such as:


    • Making sure that all windows are open while the maid is doing cleaning job so that dust does not remain trapped inside the apartment.


    • Making sure that the maid uses Dettol to rinse the mop and rags.


    • Cleaning everything in your room without touch anything on your side table for you want to clean it on your own.


    • Leaving the kitchen door open after the maid is done with cleaning to let the stale air go out.

We would request you to email your instructions ahead of time to us so we can timely relay the instructions to our staff.


We’ve used our foresight to cover other domestic areas where you might need assistance like:

Cooking: We’ve got maids trained to prepare Arabic, Continental and European cuisine.

Pet care: Feeding, playing and walking your pets.

Party Help: We’ve got guest and kitchen attendants.

Miscellaneous: Grocery shopping, watering plants, dusting off, and so on.

House Cleaning Services

We ensure timely household work for you while keeping cleanliness as our main focus. Our services comprise full mopping job; dusting furniture and appliances out; vacuuming job; and kitchen cleaning.

Baby Sitting Services

Now you do not need to worry about leaving your little angel in someone else’s care. Our nannies are fully trustworthy and caring – some being mothers themselves and others, singles with childcare experience.

Lavender House Care – Gardening

Hard Landscaping, Soft Landscaping, Swimming Pool and Maintenance, Automatic Irrigation, Water Features, Engineered Timber Element, Landscape Lightining, Landscape Maintenance, Selection, Installation and maintenance of flowers,plants and grasses.

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Laundry Maids (Wash & Iron)

We believe that busy people would do better when they would save time on washing clothes. Our maids are specialized in laundry; they would not allow you to do anything more than choosing what to wear.

Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning or commercial cleaning is also one of our major jobs. Individuals or businesses can contact us for maids to get different premises cleaned. Our maids will arrange things in place at your workplace.

Fit out Services

Interior fit-out and revamp services are one amongst our wide range of services. We can combine the design and management of an office after installing your office furniture so you can save on time and money.


Our maids: not only do they take care of the cleaning job as per your instructions, but ensure the maintenance of the same with excellence. They make sure that the facility, furniture and fixtures are in place.

Preventive Maintenance

In order to ensure that all your facilities are in proper working condition, you can contact us. Our maids are adept in inspecting things so as to correct them before any anticipated failure could occur.

Decoration Work

In addition to swabbing and cleaning things, our maids are trained by us to decorate things. If you have a hectic schedule and it’s hard to find a single minute to do things up, just trust our maids to do it with a smile.

Move in Assistance

If you want an assistant with you, we have maids to move in assistance for you. So, you should stop worrying about a thousand small things to be done on your way, which would all be looked after by our maids.

Steam Cleaning

With steam cleaning , you and your whole family can enjoy a spotlessly clean home – without the need for chemicals. With its outstanding cleaning performance, the steam kills 99.99 % of all common household bacteria*, ensuring the highest standard of hygiene and a healthy living environment. With Lavender House Care & Steam Cleaning Service , it’s full steam ahead: whether in the Kitchen, Bathroom, on Floors, Carpets , Sofas , Mattress, and the Glass of windows and doors.

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